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Experience Traditional chiropractic care with an upper cervical focus

Healing Is An Inside Job

Spinal subluxations, or misalignments, are a neuro-structural compromise, which impact a person's brain-body communication and overall vitality. Our nerve system cannot function normally with subluxations present. We detect and correct these.

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Our Mission: 
To Detect and Correct Subluxations in Families to Optimize Their Expression of Life

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3. Your nerves are the wiring system of your body

2. Your spinal cord is the power line


The Concept is Simple: Living Fully Depends on Proper Brain-Body Communication

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Upper cervical chiropractic is an advanced niche specialty within the chiropractic profession. Tension and stress on the brainstem from spinal misalignments, even slight ones, impact the way our brain functions, communicates with the body and heals. We correct these spinal misalignments of the upper neck and full spine to optimize your body’s innate ability to heal and function. 

For many of our patients, they find that upper cervical care is the solution they've been looking for.  At Full Life Family Chiropractic, we do things differently: we focus on precise, patient-focused, neurologically-driven and gentle chiropractic techniques.

What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

If you’re wondering if upper cervical care might be a solution for you, browse through our collection of videos. You'll learn more about how amazing your nervous system is, and about this unique approach to healing.

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• Neck and back tension/pain
• Migraines and headaches
• Balance and vertigo conditions
• Nausea and vomiting
• Meniere’s disease
• Tinnitus (ringing of the ear)
• Suppressed immune system
• Anxiety and depression
• Mood disorders/Irritability
• Digestive issues
• Poor posture
• Numbness and tingling
• Muscle weakness
• Hip issues
• Knee issues
• Asthma
• Fibromyalgia
• Brain fog
• Insomnia
• Chronic fatigue

While Under Care, People Have Reported Improvements With:

our story & philosphy

Dr Gigliotti, affectionately known as Dr Joe, began his journey after receiving care from a principled upper cervical chiropractor. As a child suffering from health complications, Dr Joe underwent numerous ear surgeries, leaving him with hearing loss and constant ringing in the ears called tinnitus. Following continued upper cervical chiropractic treatment, he experienced first-hand the healing power of upper chiropractic as the best-kept secret in healthcare. Not only did he experience hearing improvement and a reduction in his tinnitus, but he also experienced full body healing and improved health. In order to help others experience the healing he achieved through upper cervical chiropractic, Dr Joe completed his studies at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) and is now a Hamilton-based chiropractic doctor dedicated to helping generations of families live a fuller life.

I’m here to empower you on your health journey

Meet Dr Joseph Gigliotti, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Your Body is Capable of Healing and Self-Repair

"Full life chiropractic has been so amazing for my health and well being."

Full life chiropractic has been so amazing for my health and well being. Dr Joseph is super knowledgeable and makes sure you feel well informed and well cared for each appointment. The staff is all very hospitable and make for an overall amazing experience. I definitely recommended this to anyone dealing with upper cervical problems or overall health concerns.


"Dr.Joe and the team and Full Life are so amazing! "

Dr.Joe and the team and Full Life are so amazing! They are always so welcoming every time I come in for an adjustment. Dr.Joe is quick and knowledgeable. Since I’ve been getting adjustments, I’ve noticed an overall improvement in how I’m feeling. I no longer get tension headaches and can now feel when I’m out of alignment, which usually means I’ve got another adjustment coming in a day or two. It’s been a great journey of health and I’m thankful I started getting adjustments when I did.


"I am beyond grateful for the Full Life Family Chiropractic team!"

I have been seeing Dr. Joe now for just over 2 years, and each adjustment received has been provided with an unmatched level of care and attention to detail! His passion for his patients truly shows in his work, the top-notch equipment in his clinic, and the welcoming staff who work alongside him. My body continues to improve through Dr. Joe's support, and I am beyond grateful for the Full Life Family Chiropractic team!


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